Consumed With Quality.

Frederick & Associates are proud to introduce ASCH! This custom manufacturer of furniture, cabinetry, and countertops is bringing luxury level skills to the industry. They are born and based in Columbus, OH, with teams in Fort Collins, CO, and in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. They are unmatched in experience, customer service, quality, and communication. ASCH is proud to work with industry leaders, premier design firms, and foster relationships with some of the world’s most respected and recognized brands. Ask Frederick & Associates how we can assist you with producing your next luxury project at ASCH.

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Blue Vibes

Traditionally, the pigment blue has been shown as more valuable than gold. The Indigo dying process dates to the ancient northern river valleys of India. The mention of “blue gods” in Hinduism, emphasizes the fact that blue had a significant presence in Indian culture. In Western cultures, blue tones symbolize safety and trust. The color is associated with healing, loyalty and security. Zenith Rugs can offer a variety of these luxury blue vibes to your next hospitality project. Check out Punja knotted samples in shades of blue today!

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Patterns That Inspire

United Fabrics has many exclusive designs, like this African mud cloth inspired pattern. The pattern, Bambara, is modeled after the ceremonial wrap fashioned by the Bamana people of Mali. The textile is called a bogolanfini wrap and each geometric symbol represents traditional beliefs and happenings. Read more and celebrate these historical designs at the DMA and visit upcoming exhibits this spring. Check out the other beautiful colorways of Bambara at the United Fabrics website.

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Seating Trendsetters

Wherever hospitality design inspiration takes you, there will be a style here for you. Kovet can create from existing designs or be a trend-setter of seating and soft goods with you! Kovet offers a broad selection of wood finishes and finish details ensuring the design is customized for each client. Skilled, North American artisans, handcraft every detail. From vertical channels to diamond tufts, cleanouts, wood end and top caps and even nail heads. Share your design drawings and images with Frederick and Associates for more information about Kovet!

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Elevated Wall Art

Cara Saven Collection

The diversity of Fynos cannot be better expressed than in the work of Hermien Van Der Merwe, one of our most popular Cara Saven artists. She has just released a wealth of new designs that each capture the uniqueness of what the Cape has to offer that no other country or city in the world can claim. Ask Frederick & Associates about printing and scaling this work of art into your next project.

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